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Executive Producer (Showrunner)

Writer (with Richard Brehm)

To mark the 25th anniversary of his blockbuster film Titanic's release, James Cameron tackles the controversy that has hounded him since the film's release: could Jack have survived the sinking? If there was "room on the door" for both him and Rose, would they have lasted long enough for the arrival of the rescue lifeboat nearly two hours later?. The documentary combines large-scale demonstrations looking at the technical side of the shipwreck with face-to-face encounters between Cameron and descendants of Titanic survivors.


The raft segment was shot in New Zealand, so due to Covid restrictions I had to produce that half of the film remotely. These pictures are screenshots taken from a rough cut – the actual final product looks quite nice. The special got quite a bit of press because fans of the film (and Internet cranks) can't quite let go.